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Posted by /Jasdeep Singh
Simply Classy...
I'm sorry if this seems bothersome, but I'm a HUGE fan of this site and an ardent fan of Esma. PLEASE, More Esma!
Posted by /Rick
The latest update with Shabnam is amazing!
Posted by /George
Sensual Soles
I can not tell you how much this site has been over-due! You capture all the models feet so perfect. From Shoes, Boots, or Slippers, to bare or stocking feet and soles. It is so satisfying to know that when I view these Beautiful Women from all over the world, that I will not see her rubbing her feet over some man's cock. I only wish to see the sensual soles of these women, not of a man and this is what you get, just lots of women. I became a member for a month, but it is clear that I will be extending my membership. I hope this site never changes. Great Models and great job!
Posted by /Ok..
Its like a dream
Thanks for the great photography and for showing us their feet! Its like a dream to see all this exotic models.
Posted by /Rickard
Amazing.. Dont need to say more.
Posted by /Jean
I have never seen so many exotic models form these countries before. Irak... wow. I like the photography and I like the detailed pictures. Keep up the good work.
Posted by /Peter
I just joined and then the design was changed.. Cool. What an impressive facelift. And ability to search too.. Impressive.
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